PEPENATION is a parody of BITNATION one of the first ICOs, long before the ICO craze. The founder Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof went on the Keiser Report to talk about the project. BITNATION´s goal is to replace goverment, and thus PEPENATION will achieve this goal before BITNATION! Not only that, PEPENATION will long outlive BITNATION and has already long passed the market cap and liquidity of the BITNATION Xpat.

When you thought that was all, it is not! BITNATION is also a MUSIC NFT! That is right! How can you replace goveremnt with PEPENATION without music?

YYou can play the song via rarepepewallet if you have at least a fraction of PEPENATION, yes PEPENATION is DIVISIBLE! This is part of the PEPENATION CONCEPT! No, really it was just an error but at the time the scientists looked the other way, as this was THE FIRST EVER COMMUNITY CARD which is part of RAREPEPE SERIES ONE (2016)

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